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In the Moment

In this sacred moment, my dear, slow your pace,

Pause and find stillness, let tranquillity embrace.

Can you hear the whisper of your breath's gentle plea?

I am here, your essence, your guide, can you notice ?

Spend time with me, with patience as your guide,

Feel the peace within, as you calmly reside.

Observe the rhythm of each inhale and exhale,

The dance of air, connecting within this sacred trail.

Smooth and rhythmic, a constant flow,

Inner and outer spaces intertwined; they bestow.

Expansion and emptiness, freedom's sweet embrace,

In silence, listen and witness, let healing grace.

For these few moments, a new breath begins to flow,

Reframing the old, inviting transformation to grow.

Inhale the freshness, exhale the old, release the past,

Embrace this sacred breath, a healing spell it cast.

Ashwini Shannikodi 29/06/2023

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