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Putting Yoga Into Action

When yoga becomes part of daily life, it creates a sense of openness of heart and quietness of the mind. Over time, yoga has become a tool of inquiry and healing. Last 6 months have allowed me to realign, connect with nature and living fully in now. I have been listening, observing and certain extent was absorbing the energies as well. Feeling vulnerable, consciously acknowledging them, releasing past wounds, conditioning, respecting and honouring myself. I came to believe life is full of surprises, mystic there is power in accepting that nothing is permanent.

One day was sitting in silence, an intention arrived as a seed in my womb. For a long time, I was contemplating, resisting, suppressing; it kept repeating; while in one session of Yoga Nidra I embraced. With respect and love, honouring inner fire and my teacher, I am now working towards this beautiful project which I called ‘Putting Yoga into Action’. This has emerged from Yoga Philosophy, first Yama the principle of Satya; which means “truthfulness”, it involves not only being truthful in our speech but in our actions.

I look at yoga as beyond Asana it is part of our being; yoga is an embodiment of life. It creates a body-mind connection when you listen and honour your needs in life. In life, as we grow, we resist the change that when it becomes suffering. Suffering allows us to explore the deep-rooted inherited belief systems. I suffered from depression and anxiety, healing started when I saw Yoga as a tool for self-inquiry (Savadhaya) and Yoga as Samagra in life. I believe in bringing change in our systems, approaches and in collaboration to heal our society. If we take the yogic principles off the mat into action, we can impact, create, nurture sustainable people and communities.

Putting Yoga into Action is a monthly gathering. We are coming together through the world of the web; connecting with the soul sisters. While growing up, we have been taught in life to compete with each other. Creating this community is my radical approach for breaking, dismantling the stories we hearing or narrating ourselves.

Welcome to a Circle for Sharing, Giving and Connecting

We have been conditioned by oppressive Patriarchy Culture

Deep Rooted Stigma, Shame, Fear and exclusion

Culture trained Women compete with each other

Productivity and Consumerism before Health and Wellbeing

Sold Body, Mind and Self –worth to Internalised Capitalism and Burnout

Busyness has taken away the Self-Love and Self-Care needs.

Listen to your needs, acknowledge with love and compassion

Create a connection with other sisters

There is infinite power in the shared intent

We are the conscious women, we are creating, nurturing, healing,

Freedom, universal consciousness, wisdom and Thriving

I welcome you sister to this gathering; a circle for sharing, giving and connecting.

Ashwini Shannikodi

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