Welcome from breathe for transformation  

 Let Us Be Kind to Our Mind and Body 
Connect to the Power Within to Empower
Cultivating Love, Compassion and Gratitude
To Withstand in Times of Crisis
​Radical Self-care is a Necessity 
For Creating Balance, Clarity, and Fluidity
For Intentional, Energetic Impacts and Authentic Connections
To Bring Personal Transformation in Life 

Yoga is all-inclusive for everyone it is your body, your breath, your journey!

Why is breathe for transformation?

  • Yoga has made recovery possible in the personal journey; this is a humble offering of gratitude to the teachings of yoga. 

  • breathe for transformation and Ashwini Shannikodi (She/they)  offers a holistic approach to wellbeing based on yogic practice and its approach resonates with the Sanskrit word 'Samagra', which means whole, integrated, and inclusive. Yoga is more than the physical movement of reaching the asana. It is a spiritual, transformation, and emotional journey for healing, growth from adversity with added strength and wisdom to move forward. 

  • breathe for transformation facilities person-centred, trauma-sensitive/informed, and inclusive yoga sessions and workshops in-person and online in Berkshire and London. 

  • We facilitate sessions based on individual, group needs, and sessions many include body and movement-based yoga, Pranayama or breathing practices, relaxation, yoga nidra, and other therapeutic approaches 

  • breathe for transformation aim to make yoga accessible and inclusive as well as interested in individual and collective well-being by offering yoga and its healing modalities to support mental and physical health to anyone who might like to try this approach may benefit.

  • The lowercase ‘b’ is intentional as it represents that we are whole.

Community Yoga  2022 
Welcome home to your wholeness

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“Yoga is the Journey of the Self,
Through the Self,
To the Self"

— The Bhagavad Gita

Ashwini Shannikodi 
Yoga Facilitator 

I'm Ashwini Shannikodi, the woman behind breathe for transformation. Yoga has transformed me on and off the mat. I am passionate about creating a shift in our society's attitude and cultural approach towards mental health, trauma-sensitive inclusive approaches through yoga.  I am inspired by my lived experiences, transitions, reflection from social worker to yoga pranayama, yoganidra facilitator,. I practice and teach Hatha and Yin Yoga with emphasis on Asana, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Relaxation techniques. 

I provide Yoga for Mental Health, Yoga Tools for Transformation, Application of Yoga Philosophy as Self-inquiry and changing mindset towards health and wellbeing.

​My service is used by people suffering from stress, anxiety, mild to moderate depression, people experiencing burnout, chronic pain, migraine, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, and insomnia. ​   


Hear from people who have benefited from my services

Ashwini is an amazing instructor, with small class sizes she's able to focus on each pupil and guide them through the lesson thoroughly. Aside from the physical aspect of yoga she also teaches you breathing techniques and meditation for a bodily 360°. Ashwini is such a kind beautiful soul, whom I love talking to before and after class!