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Trauma Infprmed Yoga - Tuesday-Online

12:30 to 13:40 (GMT) 18:30 to 19:40 in (India) 8:00 to 9:10 (New York)

Service Description

If you’re looking for a way to calm your mind and regain safety in your body, this practice might be for you. No yoga experience is necessary, classes are for all. The practice is based on invitation, context, choice, and body awareness, with a focus on arriving in the body. Arriving in the body is a way to be authentic, heart-led, and grounded.. The session helps people who are living with trauma to release tension, strengthen and befriend the nervous system. This is specifically designed to help you build experiences of empowerment, practice choice-making, and present moment experiences, and cultivate a more positive relationship to your own body, by practicing asanas/shapes (modified hatha yoga), movement and breathing, or pranayama practices in an environment that cultivates safety. I'll guide you through 6-weeks course you get to meet yourself where you’re at and be in charge of your body throughout the experience. You'll be invited to notice feelings in your muscles, with choices to move, stretch, and breathe based on your own body energy levels, sensations, and present moment experiences. This is a slow and gentle yoga class grounded in choice with a weekly rhythm of connect, engage, integrate and rest. This trauma-informed class series offers space to reconnect and develop a sense of safety in your body at a pace that is supportive for you. The trauma-informed Yoga approach provides an opportunity to Exploring ways of finding safety in our mind and body. Learning about what happening our nervous system Developing skills of self regulation Different options and complete choice over what you do Experience taking effective action Befriending with the nervous system Connect with the body through breath You can use chair, mat, pillows, blankets, anything that is needed for your nourishment Other Details You have the choice of scheduling a discovery call with me to know more about the session and to assess if this program is suitable. Please note only after the acceptance of Intake form you can join the program. -- Please note this is not therapy – Fees for 6 weeks session is £60per person. if you are out of work, a student or just struggling financially, you can claim your concession, please do contact – This is a closed group session to ensure predictability and safety. - The sessions will not be recorded

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

In-Person Bookings We understand that sometimes because of a multitude of reasons, it is not always possible to attend a class you have booked; we know that you will come if you can. As you know, we take a small number of people and try our best to provide the most flexibility in our offering for you to join. ​​To keep spaces for our lovely yogis who can make it, so below are our cancellation rules for in-person sessions. ​​ Last-minute cancellation - 1st time: It is no problem to cancel last minute once. Cancellation 24 hours prior to your class: depending on availability we will try our best to book you in on another session when it suits you. Cancellation 12 hours prior to your class: 50% of your fee will be lost for this missed session. Last-minute cancellation - 2nd time: so sorry but your fee for the missed session will be not refundable. Courses: The very nature of courses is to make you familiar with the subject and encourage you to take up the home practice and support you in the process. Therefore, it’s non-transferable and non-refundable. Please be aware that it’s a commitment you’re making for yourself. The investment you’re doing is for your self-care through the practice of yoga and meditation.  Refund Policy Please be aware that event bookings are non-refundable. If you can’t make it to class; we suggest you can offer it to a friend. Cancellations by Breathe for Transformation In the event of cancellation of the class by Breathe for Transformation, you will receive the full refund of the course/class fee. If class is moved from its advertised venue and